Auburn Community Hospital Health System:A Destination For Quality Care

By: Elizabeth Landry Dr. James I. Syrett Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Daniel Alexander, Chief Administrative Officer & Chief of Orthopedics, Dr. Emily Brooks, Chief Nursing Officer Joshua Alexander, Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Graziano, MD, Division Chief of Upstate Cancer Center Adult Hematology/Oncology, Scott Berlucchi, President & CEO Christina Sherman, RN, Director of Cancer Services, Auburn … Read more

Artificial Intelligence

BY KATHRYN RUSCITTO, ADVISOR We are planning a Heritage trip and have spent hours doing research. My daughter pulled up Chat GPT, gave it a few directions and in 30 seconds it listed an itinerary, things to visit, and lots of other info for consideration. In a moment it became clear to me how Artificial … Read more

Corporate Transparency Act

On January 1, 2024, a new federal law, the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”), will go into effect. The main purpose of the CTA is to crack down on the proliferation of shell companies used as shields in money laundering, tax avoidance, and similar activities. However, the new reporting requirements will also compel most businesses created … Read more