Innovation in Health Care

by Kathryn Ruscitto Monday, June 29, 2020 We clearly have a long way to go to get past this virus. So many challenges, and so many thanks for all front line clinicians and staff who have gotten us this far. There are some bright spots of innovation emerging from the chaos. As with any period … Read more

Accelerated Recovery Without Opioid Risks: How New York Surgeon Andrew Wickline Reinvented the Joint Replacement Experience

By Elesa Swirgsdin Friday, June 17, 2022 Andrew Wickline, MD, is raising the bar on total knee and hip replacements with game-changing protocols that minimize the need for pain medications while maximizing results. Andrew Wickline, MD, Nicole Urbanke, RN, Jodi Pearsall, RN, Kristin Thayer, ST, Stevana Hanna, ST, Dana Siriano, RN, Paul Crescenzi, CRNA   … Read more

Patient-Centered Care

By Kathy Ruscitto, Advisor Friday, June 17, 2022 We have made many advancements in health care these days. Whether this involves staffing, healthcare delivery and access, or new technology and a growing sophistication with vaccines, all of these milestones benefit the patient. Patient-centered care has emerged as the preferred healthcare framework for providing services that … Read more