Auburn Community Hospital, (ACH) Opens A Concussion Clinic Dr. James Syrett, MD & Chief Medical Officer Earns Distinguished Certification for Diagnosis & Management of Concussions

ACH has opened a specialty clinic for concussion management at 17 East Genesse Street, in Auburn co-located with the Auburn Neurology practice. The Auburn Concussion Clinic is open 8am-4Pm Monday-Friday. To make an appointment call: 315-253-1885.

We are proud to announce that Dr. James Syrett, MD has become only the third physician within 100-mile radius of Auburn, New York to be certified by ImPACT Applications Inc ImPACT Applications Inc. provides data, tools and screening protocols for the diagnosis and management of concussions.

Dr. Syrett is a highly experienced physician who has been providing exceptional care to patients in the Auburn area and has been central to the development of the Auburn Community Hospital Concussion Clinic that will be opening later this year. With this certification he is now equipped with the latest tools and techniques to diagnose and manage concussions in patients of all ages, including athletes and non-athletes.

Concussions are a serious concern for athletes, particularly those to play contact sports. They also represent a significant concern for non- athletes, for example, victims of motor vehicle collisions, falls and assaults. Accurate diagnosis and timely management of concussions is critical to ensure the best possible outcome for patients. ImPACT applications is a leading provider of concussion management tools, and their certification program ensures that healthcare providers have the necessary skills and knowledge to use these tools effectively.

“The certification of Dr. Syrett as a specialist in concussions along with the opening of the only concussion clinic in the region, is another significant service Auburn Community Hospital is able to provide to our community,” stated Scott Berlucchi, CEO, Auburn Community Hospital.

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