Workforce Challenges, Part Two

BY Kathryn Ruscitto, Advisor Earlier this year, I wrote about nursing workforce challenges. As the year has progressed, I find myself bumping into deeper workforce challenges in rural communities; leading the list is housing. I don’t believe this is just a rural issue; I think it extends to urban areas, as well. A few times … Read more

Crouse’s Pomeroy College of Nursing Settles into New Location

By Molly English-Bowers After more than 100 years on University Hill, Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital has moved to the Crouse Medical Center at 5000 Brittonfield Pkwy., East Syracuse. In late 2021, Syracuse University purchased the Marley Education Center at 765 Irving Ave., which the college had occupied since 1991. The relocation, just … Read more

Clear Protocols as Important as Everamid Healthcare Staffing Shortage

By Chris Zuccarini, Managing Director, National Healthcare Practice and Jennifer Negley VP National Healthcare Practice Staffing shortages have hampered the United States economy since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This shortage is particularly acute for the healthcare industry which faces a growing scarcity of trained professionals. Healthcare employment has declined by 2.7% since the … Read more

What to do BEFORE considering a private equity transaction

by Marc S. Beckman, J.D. We have numerous clients who have completed private equity transactions and many more that are considering them. The allure of senior physicians monetizing a practice value together with the promise of fewer administrative headaches can be too great to ignore. Private equity transaction costs are particularly high and many physician … Read more