Comprehensive, Leading-Edge MRI Services at Magnetic Diagnostic Resources of Central New York

By Thomas Crocker

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Celebrating 35 years as Central New York’s premier provider of MRI services, Magnetic Diagnostic Resources of Central New York (MDR of CNY) draws on the expertise of dozens of fellowship-trained radiologists and a relentless commitment to quality to provide an exceptional experience for patients and referring clinicians.

The prostate MRI patient experience begins with compassion and care and ends with image quality excellence.
Pictured: MRI technologist Paul Mingle

Established in 1985, MDR of CNY’s mission is to provide superior, specialized MRI services in a welcoming, warm and patient-focused environment, transforming what often is an apprehensive experience into a notably calm one.

“A variety of factors distinguish our services from others in the region,” says Jacqueline Floyd, ARRT(R)(MR), MBA, CEO of MDR of CNY. “We have nine convenient locations throughout Central New York, and we invested in the latest specialized software to offer organ-specific specialty scans, some of which are not available at other organizations in our region. We think it’s important to offer a host of MRI services to Syracuse and surrounding communities.”

The new wide bore 1.5T GE 450W high-field scanner will enhance breast MRI comfort with a unique range of exclusive, patient-friendly features so you can relax in comfort during the scan. Pictured: MRI technologist Paula Mulholland

A Variety of Specialty Scans

MDR of CNY has long been known for providing breast MRI. In certain cases, this modality can complement mammographic findings during diagnostic evaluation, help measure the extent of known breast cancer, assist in assessing eligibility for or response to hormone therapy or chemotherapy, provide additional information about suspicious findings, and screen patients at high risk due to genetic mutations or history of radiation therapy to the chest, according to The American Society of Breast Surgeons Consensus Guideline on Diagnostic and Screening Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast. MDR of CNY was an early adopter of dedicated breast coils — components that play a key role in creating images of the breasts by transmitting and receiving radio waves during a breast MRI — and CADstream, a software program that helps radiologists visualize abnormalities and plan interventions in a timely manner. MDR of CNY was also one of the first MRI providers to offer MRI-guided breast biopsy. The American College of Radiology (ACR) has accredited MDR of CNY for nine MRI accreditations and four breast MRI accreditations. The organization maintains its status by seeking reaccreditation every three years.

“MDR of CNY has always focused on ACR accreditation for MRI in general and for subspecialty MRI,” says Scott Buckingham, MD, partner radiologist at MDR of CNY. “ACR accreditation is a hallmark of quality and the most widely recognized guarantee for patients that an outside entity has reviewed the capabilities, experience and training of the professionals who conduct MRI studies.”

In addition to breast MRI, MDR of CNY is a high-volume provider of prostate MRI — which can help determine whether a biopsy is warranted and provide guidance during that procedure, as well as aid prostate cancer staging and radiation therapy planning — and many other specialty MRI services, including:

  • Cardiac MRI
  • Conditional pacemaker MRI
  • Enterography
  • Elastography
  • Fetal MRI
  • Inhance, non-contrast MRA
  • MR arthrography
  • MR urography
  • Spectroscopy
  • Stroke and advanced neurofunctional imaging

Patients who have a specialty scan at MDR of CNY can be confident they will receive an accurate reading of their images, as one of the organization’s key differentiators is its team of 47 board-certified, fellowship-trained partner radiologists from two of Central New York’s largest radiology groups, CRA Medical Imaging and St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates. These radiologists possess subspecialty training in a variety of fields, including breast imaging, neuroradiology, musculoskeletal imaging and body imaging.

“Our team has many years of experience performing subspecialty reads,” Dr. Buckingham says. “That’s important because patients whose images are read by a radiologist with specific training in an MRI subspecialty and high-volume experience tend to enjoy more accurate results.”

The patient experience and excellence in quality starts with an experienced and professional leadership team.


Prioritizing Safety

Patient safety is paramount for MDR of CNY, which is why its technologists and other members of the team take all necessary steps to safeguard patients before conducting scans. Those steps include verifying that patients’ medical implants are MRI compatible, analyzing records of patients’ previous studies and evaluating kidney function, as the use of a gadolinium-based contrast agent during an MRI can cause problems for certain patients, such as those with diabetes or chronic kidney disease. When appropriate, the MDR of CNY team uses a handheld device called i-STAT to conduct a point-of-care blood analysis that can reveal kidney function.

“Patients can undergo testing with i-STAT in the office at the time of the scan rather than having lab work at a different facility,” Dr. Buckingham says. “That’s a much more convenient way of determining whether a patient is suitable to receive a contrast agent because it doesn’t require separate office visits and eliminates unnecessary cancellation of studies.”

If a patient needs an MR angiogram but has suboptimal kidney function, the MDR of CNY team can perform his or her study using Inhance, a technique that allows technologists to capture images of the renal arteries without using a contrast agent.

Highly trained radiologists at MDR of CNY are board certified with the American Board of Radiology and considered
experts in their field. Pictured: MRI technologist Stephanie Labulis and radiologist David Wang, MD

Convenient and Compassionate

Providing a seamless, one-phone-call scheduling experience for referring providers is a point of pride for MDR of CNY, as is the organization’s ability to accommodate urgent imaging requests and its commitment to scheduling appointments within a two-week timeframe. When needed, MDR of CNY can accommodate STAT requests.

When patients arrive at one of MDR of CNY’s nine locations, they encounter an atmosphere designed to allay any anxiety they may feel about undergoing an MRI. The staff sets the tone.

“Patients have never met a kinder or more compassionate staff,” Floyd says. “Our technologists truly understand how to calm and reassure patients. If a patient is feeling exceptionally anxious, we may give him or her the option to visit the office a day or two before the appointment to talk with our staff about the scan and observe the machine. Our experienced technologists ensure that the patient feels safe and comfortable and stay in voice contact throughout each exam.”

For patients with claustrophobia, a wide-bore MRI scanner and an open unit are available at neighboring locations on Brittonfield Parkway in East Syracuse.

“We do what is best for our patients,” Floyd says. “Our technologists treat every patient with compassion and professionalism, which is why we routinely receive comments in our patient satisfaction surveys singing their praises.”

For more information, visit Click on “Referring Physicians” to request an appointment for a patient or call 315-454-4810, press 1.

Timely Communication

Swift communication with referring providers and seamless transmission of scan results is a priority for Magnetic Diagnostic Resources of Central New York. That is why the organization, its partner radiology groups CRA Medical Imaging and St. Joseph’s Imaging Associates, and their associated health systems use a shared picture archiving and communication system. Referring providers receive nonurgent image reports within 24 hours. Providers receive urgent results as soon as a radiologist finishes reading the images.