Velocity Clinical Research Syracuse Our focus on Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Robert C. Cupelo, MD, Principal Investigator

Estimated to currently affect over 6.2 million Americans and expected to increase as the population ages, Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating illness, not only for patients, but also for their family and caregivers. In addition, the condition disproportionately affects underserved medical communities, including low-income populations and people of color, who tend to be diagnosed later in the disease and often find it more difficult to obtain medical care and support. Despite this large prevalence and years of study, there are still very few effective options available for treatment.

Velocity Clinical Research in Syracuse started as Clarity Clinical Research in 2017 with the mission of advancing the study of diagnostic tools, preventative measures, and therapeutic options for people, not only with Alzheimer’s disease, but also at high risk of the disease. Although we have since expanded into other clinical areas, including fatty liver disease, metabolic and cardiovascular conditions, and vaccines, our focus on advancing the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease remains a core passion of our site. Over the past seven years we have completed or are currently conducting 16 studies involving these aspects of Alzheimer’s dementia.

In 2022, Clarity joined Velocity, an international organization committed to optimizing the clinical research process by improving collaboration between research study sponsors and clinical sites, and by streamlining and supporting the performance of studies at those sites. At that time, we moved to new facilities at Crouse Medical Building at Brittonfield in East Syracuse. This allowed us to grow and diversify. An accommodating and close knit staff, including study coordinators, research assistants, pharmacy technicians, and nurses work together to enhance the experience of participating in clinical research. Studies are closely monitored by our investigators, including physicians, Dr. Robert Cupelo and Dr. Barbara Connor, along with Dr. Nathan Hamm, DC, FNP-C and Joanne Speicher, FNP-C, all of whom have many years of clinical experience, along with deep roots in the Central New York medical community. Participants in our studies universally find involvement in clinical research at our site to be not only interesting and fulfilling, but also a very pleasant experience.

Current studies underway at Velocity Syracuse include an oral medication meant to disrupt the formation of beta amyloid and other disease promoting elements in the brain, a non-medical treatment involving daily gamma frequency audiovisual stimulation, and investigational medications for Alzheimer’s patients with agitation which are potentially safer than those currently used. We also have an upcoming study involving a next-generation anti-amyloid antibody infusion for early-stage disease. Finally, in another study, we are seeking people both with and without Alzheimer’s disease who have a life expectancy of less than one year to help validate a next generation PET scan tracer for the tau protein which accumulates in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. This tracer has potential to accurately diagnose the condition earlier in the course of the condition so that therapeutic options can be started sooner and be more effective. We continue to actively search out more study opportunities.

Velocity provides a high quality of care, delivered with compassion and kindness, while advancing the knowledge of medicine through research. Our vision is to improve lives by making clinical research more accessible to all, including communities traditionally underserved, their caregivers, and the medical community charged with their care. We work to achieve our goal to be a recognized strategic option for care in the Central New York healthcare community.

To stay updated on the latest studies and how they align with your patients’ needs, you can reach us at 315-760-5905 or